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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amazing Book Transformation God's Path out of Obesity

Transformation Book Giveaway Fundraiser!
Joy Rollins, Author of Transformation God's Path out of Obesity and owner of Tranformation Ministry has donated this signed copy of he book/study! :) If you would like a chance at this wonderful book the giveaway is $1 per name in the hat! ALSO if you would in addition to donating for a chance like to help spread the word about our adoption and will send out an email sharing about our families journey to Jeremiah with a link to our family blog and fundraising blog I will give you 5 names in the drawing per 25 names you email. Also if you will grab my button on the sidebar and put it on your blog then I will put your name in 10 times for the book giveaway! The more folks who know about Jeremiah and his severe needs and then spread the word the more likely we are to get donations, entries in our giveaway's and other possible things to help bring my sweet baby boy home! :) Also, I will be doing a Spread the Word Giveaway with separate items on my family blog and fundraising blog so be watching those too :) There are buttons on the sidebar to get to both of those :)
Thsi is the front cover of the book

Here is the back cover

Here is the autograph page! :)
This book was generously donated by Joy Rollins. She has an egroup and a ministry as well. You may contact her at Thanks so much Joy for your wonderful Generosity to help bring Jeremiah home!
Also, please remember my Weight Loss Challenge Fundaiser! Add a penny or a dollar per pound you loose to Jeremiah's Fund! :) Either way you are making a HUGE difference in the life of a child!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge to Y'ALL!

Hi everyone,

Ok, so I have a weight loss challenge to you! Weight loss is an amazing thing that can happen when we allow the Lord to move over us and take that area of our life over! I am very much workin on that right now! As I am convinced the healthier I am , the better off ALL THREE of my children will be! So here is the weight loss challenge I give to y'all as I am givin to myself! :) I pray that some of you may want to join in with me in this! Every time I loose a pound I will donate a dollar to The Jeremiah Fund! LOL Now I pray I have an issue comin up with the funds! Anyway I just thought this might be a neat fundraiser to do with some of my friends who are striving to loose weight and get healthy! Sometimes when you have more motivation you can do better. So will anyone out there join me? and if you lost weight last week, donate $1 for each pound you lost to bring Jeremaih home! and if you can't afford $1 per pound, donate 1 cent per pound! Maybe if you look at each pound you loose helps this sweet baby boy who has never known a mother's arms yet, who struggles so hard day to day with his severe cerebral palsy, to be one step closer to being HOME FOR GOOD! Here is the lastest picture of my Jeremiah to give you motivation!

Jeremiah Harold Sisemore 1 year old!

Mama and Noah WesLee Sisemore! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

from my heart

I wanted to write a bit today from my heart that is overflowing with love and closeness to the Lord today! Recently God has begun making lots of changes in our life, we are currently seeking His Face on what Church He would have us to be in, He has begun our new adoption Journey to Taiwan for Jeremiah :), my mother in law decided to move back to the rehab home where she made so many friends so she has moved out of our home, Celeste has taken a part time job in addition to her college classes, We are praying about opening our home in the fall to a foreign exchange student from Taiwan! Lots of Changes and things goin on in our lives right now. Not all of them have been easy. In the Church change relationships have changed and some of that has been VERY painful, walking into a big Church where I know noone and seeking God's face is a new and scary experience but I know that HE was there so that made it doable! I look at the financialy side of Jeremiah's adoption with my earthly eyes and it seems HUGE! I watch the baby fund NOT move, I watch giveaway fundraisers of donated items barely get any notice, and my human eyes get scared! Easter Sunday we visited a Church around the corner from our house and they sang a special of a song called "Through the Fire" It talks about He never promised that the cross would not get heavy and the hills would not be hard to climb! That when we stand in the valley of decision He will SHOW up and take us through the Fire again! That spoke so much to me at that time as I felt like I was bein hit by so much negativity for being obedient. That same song was sung again as a special this past Wednesday Night and again I felt it a balm from the Lord! Then Today in Church there was a guest preacher from the John Jacobs Power Force Ministry that will be at our Church all week as well as goin into the local school assemblies! Well, this preacher was on fire for God and he was preaching right to me! He spoke about the gift of Faith! And holding God faithful! He spoke about the KNOWLEDGE OF FAITH. That KNOWING that no matter how big the mountain is that GOD IS ABLE! I was balling! Here I sit HOLDING my evidence of Faith, of God is ABLE! I had Noah in my arms. I remember when we began the journey to Noah how I had NO CLUE HOW we would do it all and again and again GOD would show off and we got every penny , every paper, every everything we needed to bring Noah home and God was faithful! :) NO SURPRISE. I remember part way through that Journey I begged God for a sign that Noah was indeed ours and that it was gonna all come and He gave me that sign, the exact sign I asked for! I remembered all that today! As the pastor spoke about speaking things that aren't as if they are, WE DID THAT WITH NOAH! We spoke NOah as our son, the adoption as paid LONG before either was a fact in wordly eyes! God spoke to me today that I need to TRUST HIM and hold Him Faithful to move the mountains and bring Jeremiah home! It does not matter what my earthly eyes see! It does not matter what the world, or doubting folks in my life, or anyone or anything my say. MY GOD IS ABLE. MY GOD LOVES Jeremiah WAY more than we ever could! It is NOT about me being good enough, or worthy enough, or wanting too much by asking for another baby. IT IS ABOUT GOD and WHO HE IS! HE IS FAITHFUL! Through HIM I have the power to speak IN FAITH that Liang-Chung that waits in Taiwan is indeed OUR JEREMIAH HAROLD SISEMORE. and WHEN the adoption is FINAL we WILL travel to pick him up. GOD will do it! GOD will get the glory! And people will be touched, just like with Noah! YES, it can't happen like it did the last time, yes some of those grants are not available anymore, yes some loans are not available this time but that is all details that DO NOT MATTER! I either believe GOD or I dont! I CHOOOSE to HOLD GOD FAITHFUL! I CHOOSE to look on this entire situation with the adoption with eyes of Faith! I CHOOSE to look on EVERY hard thing with eyes of FAITH! God will show up and take me through the fire again! God will have the folks in my life that HE has to be there! I CHOOSE to follow in Him who I have believed! :) When God is for us, who can be against us??

Here is a video of the song Through the Fire :) and below is "I walk by Faith"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Physical or Spiritual or both?

Well I thought I would write a bit tonight. I am still definitly wanting to try and loose 90 in 09 but it is not lookin so good for it! Loosing weight has ALWAYS been an issue for me for whatever good reason or bad reason. Different docs have said different things. Anyway, We have had some things goin on this past week that were very difficult to deal with but definitly needed in our walk with God! We felt God leading us to step down from being children's Pastors and to go to another undetermined as of yet Church. We have been praying over this decision for a couple weeks and Bobby of course made the final decision and also decided when and everything this would happen. I have some emotional ties to a couple of ladies at our former Church not to mention some really great friends in them as well as the rest of the congregation. It was a very rough thing for me to think about leaving all these folks, esepecially at such a time as we are beginning the Journey to Jeremiah and his adoption and all. BUT, God is who we depend on and who we trust so we were very prayerful and making sure what we all heard God saying. We so wanted to make sure we were in HIS will for our lives. It was an emotional time in coming to the desicion of what to do but once the desicion was made there was such a peace. And even though it has not been received well by some at the former Church and I fear loss of friendships because of it, or so it seems at this point, but God is able to heal and restore, as I have also seen this week! Anyway even though all that is going on I fees such a peace in knowing we are moving in the direction of getting closer and closer to God! WHAT can be wrong in that? Well, in the midst of all this once the decision was made I began having just TONS more energy, and my appetite has been very small, but not in a bad way, just in a satisfied way. Not sure this is making sense or not. But it is like alot of things to me I am wondering if they are a physical manifestation of a spiritual issue. So now I am taking that a step further to my weight issues. I physical manifestation of a spiritual problem! just maybe soo. I am under stress as we work hard to try to come up with ways to fundraise TONS of money we need to bring our son Jeremiah home from Taiwan! but its a good stress but stress none the less, so I need to turn to Jesus more and more and make sure my food choices are nothing but good and energy producing. Part of me is petrefied about how quickly we need the money, how I am having to wait on money to send in USCIS paperwork, how I need to get payment to the agency and HOW am I gonna do it. I AM NOT GONNA DO IT. I am gonna pray, I am gonna share the need and tell everyone else to pray and to share the need. When I watch the three SHORT video's of my amazing son Jeremiah in Taiwan my heart just melts for him. I know his cerebral palsy is severe and he needs me so much, he needs me to get him QUICK. He has already been waiting a year and so I know that I must move quickly. All that could lead a person to eat badly. I am coming here to yall that are followin me on this weight loss blog to ask you guys to pray for me to not fall into fast food cuz I am busy fundraising, to fall into eating bad because I am busy, stressed, etc. and Please do pray for Jeremiah! Pray for his mama to be a healthier thinner mama as this journey goes on :)

Here is the four of us on Easter. Next year Jeremiah will be in the picture!

mama and Noah playin! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi all,

We had a dutch show bunny donated to us to help draw donations for The Jeremiah Fund. Well, obvisously this is a local fundraiser as I can't ship this sweet thing all over the country! Well, a little girl I know named Rachal, she is 11 years old, and she despretly wants to win this bunny! Her mother does not have alot of funds, works very hard to keep food on the table and it would be such a blessing for Rachal! Rachal has been coming up for ways to get dollars to put towards winning this rabbit! Mom has said she can have it if her name is drawn. My thought was maybe some of my online buddies would want to help. The chances for the bunny are $1 each. If you want to help Rachal win her bunny boy then please donate to the chip-in fund and for every dollar donation I will add Rachals name to the hat another time! Come on guys and help this little girl have some joy this easter and Help get Jeremiah closer to home!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Introducing a new son! :)


For those following this blog that do not follow the other blog I wanted to announce to y'all that Bobby and commited on monday to adopt an amazing and adorable 1 year old baby boy in taiwan. His name is Jeremiah Harold! :) Please keep him in prayer. He has severe cerebral palsy and has lots of needs the most of which is to come home SOON! PLEASE pray for HUGE Miracles for us to get funds QUICKLY. I am so waiting for God to show off as He did for Noah's adoption and then some! :)
Here is his pictureso you know who you are praying for! Please pop over to my other blog! I have 2 giveaways going if you donate to the fund to bring Jeremiah home! :) I also have a button I will be putting up on the sidebar that you can click to get to our blog and read about him and the giveaways and all :) I
I have not been spending alot of time as of late on weight loss but just recently I have begun to draw closer and closer to God and made some really big and HARD decisions and it is amazing that my appetite has been so under control through this! Not gone, but just much better control than ever. I am beginning to see that some spiritual issues have had physical manifestations in my body! Praise God I am working on those! don't know if weight will start coming off or not but I am gonna work at it more again.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,

I am coming to you today and I am asking you to PLEASE pray about and consider helping my friend Shonette to help bring home an angel girl that she is trying to adopt! This little baby girl has Down Syndrome and she needs the love of her Mother's and Father's Arms asap! :) Please even if you can only give $1 it can help. Click the button on the sidebar and help bring Faith home! :) If you will email me I can give you more information on how to help! We are trying to raise $2000.00 by Monday to get the ball rolling! PLEASE please reach deep down in your heart and find room to reach out to someone and help them! If you have children, think how blessed you are by them and give! If you have a husband or wife think how blessed you are to have their love and give. Think about this little baby girl in a foreign world with no mother's arms. Think about a country where she will be put in an institution to die if she is not adopted, where she will never know the love of family, where she will never have the opportunity to reach her full potential and GIVE! Yes, I am layin it on thick, BUT it is all true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE help. If you do nothing else PLEASE pray for my friend, her family , and her baby girl across the ocean! Think about my Noah, my panda boy that God bridged the ocean to bring home! Without help from people like YOU Noah would still be without a family and I would not have a baby boy to love!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

not lookin good

if the home scale is right things are not lookin good for me to loose any weight much less the 90 :( Sometimes I just wonder if folks are meant to be fat. I just dont know. For such a long time it did not bother me but the last 25 or 30 pounds has made a huge difference so I think well just loose those pounds and seems I am not. I did actually remember my isulin resistance medication today so that is good. I am told that if I can get that regulated I should be able to loose some weight but my memory is so bad for remembering it and then also making sure I have it but at times I dont think I need it and others I am sure I do. Anyway, feelin kinda hopeless with weight loss at this point but I am TRYING to remember GOD IS ABLE! IF God can get me on not just one but SIX planes to travel to Taiwan to pick up my baby, If God can take us from a $0 baby fund too all the fees paid and the trip over and done with, then God can shed these pounds off me! I just have to figure out how to give it all to HIM. I keep tryin to remember loosin it WITH JESUS! I need to move closer! Guess that is my focus at this point and not so much loosin but the with JESUS part.
Here are a few pictures of me from the past week.
This is me and Noah and my nephew's birthday on the 12th.

Here I am with hubby Bobby and my boy Noah today, Happy St. Patrick's day!

Rockin my baby , cuz babies don't keep!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Road Trip and Loosin 90 in 09?? WORRIED!

Hi All,

We are back from our Road trip to and from Atlanta! We got home tuesday but came home really really sick! Actually we are still sick and now Noah is started back up again too :( poor guy. Anyway, being gone for so long and having to eat out all that time and not having lots of funds seemed to limit everything. Luckily there was a food court so we were not in high priced restraunts the whole time but fast food gets old quick! I am NOT a salad person at all though have tried so many times over the years but just can't force myself so even that wont work. It all feels hopeless more and more each day. The loosin anything much less 90. I am too scared to even look at scale at this point :( I met an online friend I had never met on the trip and was SOOO nervous she would not like me when she saw HOW big I really am but she was so so sweet and seemed fine with it! It was like we had been together as friends in person forever! Here are a few pics taken on the trip that especially make me SEE how big I have gotten! Most won't get posted on the regular blog but prayerfully here its ok! All I can hold onto at this point is this...
When I call on Jesus, All the things are possible! I can mount on wings like eagles and soar, when I call on Jesus, mountains are gonna fall, cuz HE'LL move heaven and earth to come and rescue me when I call. When my heart is broken and I feel discouraged I can REMEMBER He said HE WOULD BE THERE! THAT is the difference this time! How to implement that in to actually loosing weight I dont know yet but I'm discouraged and feel so weak and without strength so I am gonna CALL!

Me and Noah (on a horse) at Mississippi Welcome Center

Me spending PRESCIOUS time with my FRIEND Teresa! :) notice the rub on tatoo on my arm after a night of fun with my dear 20 year old daughter! When we got home Bobby was like IS THAT A TATOO! LOL he thought I had got a real one while gone! heehee

Sitting in a chair at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta texting! LOL

Shopping in the BIGGEST Target I have ever seen! Atlantic Station in Atlanta! I am with friends we went to conference with ! I am in the back with the baby buggy and am so much bigger than all them and feel so out of place.
Here I am with Noah in my Ole Miss Shirt my cousin Liz bought me! THE ONLY one they had big enough was WHITE! I don't do white! :( I was so sad about that but have wanted one for awhile to feel close to home and it was a gift so I was happy happy! Just wish I did not look so bad in white!
Ok, I am off for now! I will brave the scale soon! I am not sure how it will compair with dr. scale. Last time it weighed me more than docs said :(
thanks for caring guys!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Seeing self on video dancing SCARY...Seeing joy on hubby face PRICELESS

hey yall

So Celeste and I did something special for Bobby for Valentines day. And we video taped it. I have it below so you can see. I must say seeing my LARGE and OBESE self on this video was VERY HARD and harder yet was to put on my main blog but hubby and dear celeste wanted me too! It is scary seeing how I look like a bunch of blubber dancing :( I HATE IT :( ugggh I was feelin under the weather earlier and someone suggested I call and get a steroid for lungs and I was like NEVER AGAIN! I gained a rediculous amount on them when I was on iv steroids for several months and want no part of them. I was big to begin with but that seemed to set me over big time. Anyway, feelin very down today:( BUT Bobby loved it so that is priceless! see for youreself and tell me how bad it is :(

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Early this week, I learned of the passing of two beautiful little girls in Ukraine, Margarita and Katerina. These little girls were living in the institution that babies are transferred to when they turn four. It really hit home for me because though Noah would have been sent there had he been in that country and had he not been adopted by someone. He was considered 'unwanted' and by some standards hopeless just like these and so many others. These girls could have had such a different life but they died of the flu. They suffered alone, without a mother to hold, nurture and love them. They died alone, without ever knowing the love of a family. My heart is heavy with the suffering that they knew during their short journey's on this earth. But my heart rejoices that they no longer suffer and that they are no longer alone, that they are now in the arms of a loving Father in Heaven. They now know LOVE!

Earlier today I received an article regarding children in institutions in Bulgaria. My heart breaks to think of these precious children, children like Noah and my friends Breelyn and so many others, children with limitless potential, suffering, without the love of a family, in these institutions.

These children cannot speak for themselves. They cannot call out to tell us of their suffering, of their pain, of their hunger, of their loneliness. They cannot, so we must do it for them. We must be a voice for these children.

For the next two days on Reece's Rainbow (February 14th-15th) the pictures of all of the waiting children in Bulgaria will be viewable by the general public in an attempt to raise grant money for them and help bring them home to loving families (you can ALWAYS donate, but this is a concentrated effort to get these children home as quickly as possible). Won't you please consider donating to the grant funds of these precious children? PLEASE follow the link to the page and donate even $5 will help! EVERY penny adds together to help! PLEASE pray about whether the Lord would have you to give one of these children or another child across the world a HOME and a Family and LOVE this Valentine's Day! Go HERE!

As you spend this day focusing on LOVE, imagine for me what you would think of love if you had NEVER been in a family. Never been kissed and hugged and loved on. If you grew up in a crib instead of rocking in a mother's arms! It rips me to shreds EVERY time I think of how often Noah's cries had to go unheard, and I KNOW it was not because of lack of caring at his orphanage but how much can a couple Nannies do to care for so many babies? Noah was in one of the best orphanages I have come to find out about and I know he still suffered because he was there. Imagine a place much worse. Please think about the most money you spent on a valentine's day gift today and give AT LEAST that much back to God in the way of helping one of his little ones! And please do consider if one of these is saying mommy or daddy to YOU!

In closing, I'd like to share with you a poem written by Meredith Cornish in memory of Margarita and Katerina. This really got me and most of it can be said of any orphan across the ocean waiting for a family to call their own!

While we were. . . .

While we were eating...
... they were hungry

While we were playing...
... they were restrained

While we were tucking our kids into bed...
... they were alone

While we turned up the heat...
... they laid in the icy cold

While we wrapped our children in blanket sleepers...
... they laid in their own excrement

While we sang songs and listened to music...
... they listened to the screams and cries of those around them

While we rocked our babies...
... they silently rocked themselves

While we hugged our kids...
... they scratched at their own faces and pulled their own hair for stimulation

While we cried over scraped knees...
... they moaned in their loneliness

While we brushed our daughters' beautiful hair...
... they had their heads shaven to stave off the lice

While we fought off the flu with love and nourishment...
... they got the flu and went Home.

No longer suffering... but so many more still are.



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feeling Fatter by the second :(

ok, so I am feeling fatter adn fatter :( I decided to weigh on the house scale today to kinda see where it was in relation to doc scale. I weighed 317.2 on home scale and at the doc was 314. WHAT usually home scale is less than doc so now I am freakin out :( ugggh It does appear I am just getting bigger and bigger and bigger :( ugggh makes no since. I feel hopeless in some ways about alot of things. I mean I am so totally blessed with the most amazing Son and Daughter and hubby and I am so thankful for that! but its me I dont like, its me that feels out of control. its me that feels overwhelmed cuz I can't keep things in my home in order. Celeste, Noah and I will be traveling in less than a week and I am so excited to just get away. I think most of the hotels have gyms in them if I can take Noah in there with me maybe in stroller or whatever. Anyway I think Celeste and I will enjoy that :) She actually wants us to join a gym together and I woudl ADORE that if we can A: afford it, and B: find one that Noah can sit in stroller while I do it. One close to the house is open 24 hours and we might could do late at night and put him in stroller and he would sleep. I know taht when I was going to fitness lady the elliptical was so good for me because my knees were not an issue. Bobby wants to work out too with us so tha tis good. Money is such an issue but we will see what we can see :) I need to come up wiht more things I can do that don't involve my knees and back and all. I am not really sure why I am posting today other than I just feel so yuck about everything and part of me feels like it is hopeless and why bother. I mean in 40 years I have just gotten bigger and bigger :( It sucks being the BIGGEST person I know and what really sucks is when others around me eat more and eat worse stuff and I am gross and they are not. ok shutting up now!

Here are some pics of me with my baby boy! I hate how I look in them but in case there is ever weight loss I need documentation of how big I was and I don't want him to ever think Mama was not around in his life. My dd is 20 and there are VERY few pics of her with ME in them cuz of my hating to see myself :(

He has the cutest grin :) LOVE this guy!

This was at the hospital yesterday before his surgery! He was loopy! :)

Here we are with Bobby on the 9th on his birthday. Noah was not wanting his picture made! We were saying chese and he was goin eeeeeeee but it meant let me down! heehee

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ok, I am gonna try this thing ONE MORE TIME!

Ok, I have tried to loose weight for years with no success. Part of me feels I will be big and just keep getting bigger until I BURST! BUT I am trying to take up weight loss as my cross daily and carry it with JESUS! On the KLOVE radio they are talking about loose 90 pounds in 09. They began this on Januray 1st. Well, to me weight loss is hopeless for the most part so I did not jump on the new year bandwagon and decide to loose. Well, daily as I live life with my amazing new son Noah adopted from Taiwan and my 20 year old daughter Celeste and my sweet husband Bobby I realize that they are limited by my weight. This upsets me no end and I PRAY beyond PRAY that I can actually do it this time! We will see. My starting weight is 314 pounds at the doctors office recently so I will begin with that. Celeste and Bobby both feel like they need to loose some weight as well, though not near as much as me so they have commmited to loosing along with me! The BIGGEST thing in all this for me will be the WITH JESUS part. I CAN'T do this alone but GOD IS ABLE!!!!! I KNOW that HE can help me if I can just figure out HOW to let HIM! Please pray with me, offer me tips, and if you are close by in my life and find out through the blog, please come around and offer some support if you like! I have so many foods that I literally cannot stand and make me literaly gag so I am going to have to do this with the foods I can eat cooked in the healthiest way. I am praying for financial gain from the Lord to purchase better quality foods and splenda and things of that nature to learn to cook some treats for my family in a better way. I don't want Noah growing up thinking dessert is evil or something so rare when he does get it he eats the whole pan of brownies etc. I know so many that literally eat a small dessert daily and are a healthy weight. Anyway, the desire is here, as it has always been so I am praying this time things will be different. It makes me cry that I am bigger than I have even been in my entire life. I am 40 and 314 pounds. what happend to me :( I remember being 225 and thinking I was so disgustingly obese. I would KILL Now to be 225 and lower still! :) Please post a comment and let me know I have some support :)