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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weigh in # 16 And some EXCITING news to share!

So this has been an up and down kinda week emotonally and with the journey.  I was not able to work out Monday or Saturday so was a bit worried.  But not too bad a week all in all. 

Loss for the week: - 2.6 lbs

Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 316.6 lbs
Total loss to date: 28.4 lbs

Total Percentage Lost: 8.2 %
BMI: 51.1
Pounds left to loose: 171.6

I also get to share how God has loved on me some extra special this week!  Thursday Night after my class at Fitness Lady Kedgy (My water class teacher as well as the owner of FL) asked me to come see her on my way out.  So I did and she was SOOOOOO sweet and said such kind things about me and then she shared some information with me!  She said that one of the members had paid my fitness lady membership for May and June and that it would not be coming out of my account those months!  She said to take the money for those months and put it back for grocery shopping for healthy foods.  She then proceeded to tell me there was even MORE BLESSING.  She had a sweet card for me from someone that follows this blog sharing that they were praying for me in this journey and that they thought I was an inspiration and doing very well and all but that they thought with some sessions with a personal trainer and a nutritionist I would go really far and so I am being blessed with EIGHT Personal Training Sessions with Kedgy and a Nutrtionist!  I was so overwhelmed!  God so knows the times we the MOST NEED to know He cares and is there and that He loves us!  I am so thankful to God and to whoever these people or person may have been!  Things have been so hard in so many ways and I so needed this touch from God, this reminder that yes even in the midst of all that is going on it is important that I do this and that it can be done and that HE is gonna make sure I have all I need to do this!  Kedgy and Brianna and everyone at Fitness Lady already go above and beyond for me and everyone there but to have EIGHT sessions just to try and help me get really going on this journey is so exciting!  The sessions I won with Kedgy where she helped me with working out on the machines and all and having that support was so amazing!  I can't wait for what is to come from this! :)  This is a HUGE HUGE blessing!  I don't know any of the details just yet but as things unfold I will be sharing as always! :)  

Thought I would make this in honor of my blessing in way of announcing my personal training blessing! :)  The middle picture is one of several tshirts they have at Fitness Lady!  I can't wait to be small enough to fit in the largest size and be able to get at least this one and they have a pink one that says Fitness Lady is my social club!  That is sooo true!  I can't tell you how great it is to work out with such great ladies who are working on getting or staying healthier! :)  I got into a 3X recently so I am only 1 size away from the 2X! :)  Praying by my birthday to be there if not lower.  I really want to be down below 300 by my birthday but we will see what happens between now and then!  Thats 10 weeks and 1 day so an average of 1.76 per week with no mess ups or gains!  PRAYING HARD I can keep up a steady pace and be 299 if not less by then! ;)  

These are all the wonderful trainers at Fitness Lady!  These ladies have an amazing job to help transform lives!  Just wanted to give a shout out to them here on the blog! :)  IF you are local I can't tell you what a difference it makes being at a place where they really care about YOU , your goals and your needs and not just about taking the fees.  Make an investment in yourself and these ladies will so help you too!  Let me know if you want to go together sometime!  I would love the company! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Weigh in update #15

So I did not loose as much as I would have liked this week BUT I did loose what is said to be a good amount to loose in a week.  I found the Tortoise and the hard because I am trying to remind myself slow and steady weight loss is my goal.  Lifestyle changes are what I need, not quick fixes, shakes, fad diets, or even weight loss surgery.  I think the healthiest thing overall for me is to slowly and steadily change, as the catterpillar does and someday I will be the beautiful butterfly that the Lord can use, and can do all the things I want to do and my family needs me to do and not be limited by my weight.  I can't weight until I am no longer Super Morbidly Obese and that diagnois is gone.  But I know it is going to take time.  April 3rd marked my 3 year anniversary at Fitness Lady.  I do KNOW that it is teh best think I have ever done!  If you are local and not going somewhere, PLEASE come and check it out!  Come on a guest pass and work out with me!  YOU WON"T be sorry!  It is a HUGE thing you can do for yourself!  It is not near as costly as you might imagine either! Anyway, on to the weigh in update;

Loss for the week: - 2.4 lbs

Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 319.2 lbs
Total loss to date: 25.8 lbs
Total Percentage Lost: 7.47 %
BMI: 51.5
Pounds left to loose: 174.2

So that puts me at a total weight loss of:

I was QUITE excited when I realized this put me at a 25 lb weight loss!  Why does 25 lbs sound like so much more than 23?? LOL  that is a quarter of a hundred pounds.  It is 1/8 of the total 200 I need to loose!  Yes I know only 1/8 BUT it still something!  It feels huge to me though I know its not but its a beginning.

This is the record of the journey thus far from My Fitness Pal's profile.  If you are on there friend me :)  I am Tamijoy4Him.  Just let me know who you are!

These are my latest pics.  Taken as close to April 3rd as possilbe, since the 3rd is my Fitness Lady  anniversary each month.  At that point my loss was 23.4 lbs.  To me I look BIGGER than I started.  I am looking at that and not seeing where the 23.4 came from but I know its gone.  I can't wait till it starts looking like its leaving!  

I had a VERY active week this week out of the gym too so I was shocked I didnt loose more.  Hopefully it wil help for next week's weigh in that I am ALREADY worried about.  Easter I did not do as good as I should have, but much better than I used to would have!  So that is something.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly weigh in #14

So today is actually 13 weeks and 3 days since I restarted this journey to a better me.  I did the first weigh in December 29, 2011.  And then the next weigh in was January 1st when I decided to have Sunday be my weigh in day.  So that is whey it is weigh in 14 but not 14 weeks yet.  So , it has been a very interesting week this week.  I worked out every day in some way some more than others.  I am doing better about walking on the treadmill without holding my weight up with support but just with my own body doing it.  I have been more active out of the gym too as I can, little by little.  March 29th my Jeremiah's birthday was my 3rd month of measure day.  Well, the reason you did not get a post was because basically my measurements did not change.  This quite worried me to be honest, but I guess since I have had a weight gain the last 2 weeks I should not be surprised but was so hoping that at least a few more inches were gone but they aren't if I am measuring correctly.     I had some wonderful lessons this week at Fitness Lady!  A great break out session that gave me alot of information to learn more about and a couple of really good chats with a wonderful trainer!  My water aerobics teacher was out of town for another week.  I so miss her cheerful encouraging self when she is away!  I am happy to share that the ladies in water aerobics still got together and did a class together :)  I was able to go to the tuesday night one and it was so good for me physically and emotionally!  One of the ladies in the class has lost over 100 lbs!!!! And her laugh is so contagious! She is so encouraging!  Another lady has lost 85lbs and other have lost different amounts!  Such a wonderful group of ladies who even checked on me and shared they missed me when I had to miss thursday night for Jeremiah's picnic in the park! :)  It is so nice to be growing friendships through this journey! :)  Anyway on to this weeks weigh in results.

I was quite excited this week.  I do realize alot of this if not all of it is fluid but at least it is OFF ME!!!!

Loss for the week: - 6.4 lbs
Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 321.6 lbs
Total loss to date: 23.4 lbs
Total Percentage Lost: 6.8 %
BMI: 51.9
Pounds left to loose: 176.6

So that puts me at a total weight loss of:

That is the MOST I have ever lost! Whether it is water or not, its still the most I have ever lost!  And surely its not all fluid because I have been working out and watching the eating and making alot of life changes and learning to manuver the bumps in the road of life!

And I wanted to share that I cancelled my weigh watchers online subscription!  Dont yell yet!  I did not do it because I am stopping, far from it! There is another online tracking community that a trainer I admire SOOOOOO MUCH is on as well as several other ladies from Fitness Lady and some ladies from my facebook group I started called Super Obese Friends, and some friends from adoption community and life.  I like how we can all be connected through that.  I also like how it has so much there to help me with tracking what I am eating and how I am doing with fitness and all!  Weight watchers online is wonderful and I am sure the meetings are as well and at one point I thought that was what I wanted and needed.  God provided that support in so many ways with people in my daily life.  It is neat to see someone everyday at the gym and know that they are there for you and have contact online too and with this My Fitness Pal community online it just opens up so much more support!  I may end up regretting this decision but I hope not.  I originally hoped if I stopped ww online I could take that money and use for personal training with Kedgy and Briana but its not enough per month.  I am so blessed to have them in my life and they are amazingly helpful every day even with out having the one on one personal training but I really liked the sessions I won with Kedgy and having that support.  I am still praying God will change our finaces and such to a point that that is something that I can do.  This journey is a HUGE priority for my life.  It is for me to LIVE and have a life and have energy to do the things God has called me to do and to be alive still.  I can never let myself get to comfortable and forget that SUPER MORBID OBESITY KILLS!  I do not want to continue on slow suicide, that will swiftly come faster and faster.   Anyway so I will trying to learn to do calories and just lean to eat healthier all the way around too.  I could still do points, but I wont know how to go down but I am told with calories that online things can help.  Brianna was very helpful this week to tell me how many calories I needed right now so that is where I am starting.  I am so praising God for bringing me to Fitness Lady and for every second that they pour into me!  Wthout God none of this would be possible!  Today at Church I stood ALL THE WAY THROUGH WORSHIP!!!!!!!!!  AND I JUMPED!  not alot, but I JUMPED!!  Not as much as I wanted, I was still hampered in worship by my size and health but God gave me a glimpse into being totally free to worship!  Anyway back to ww online.  I started it may of 2011, and my membership ends on april 24th the day before next payment is due.  Some of there online stuff I will miss but I am praying to like the My Fitness Pal as much or more.  Here is my progress with Weight watchers from the beginning, back before Bobby lost his job and I plummented and then from Dec. 29th on.  You will probably have to click it to make it big enough to read.

Thank you all for your support and friendship! PLEASE comment and let me know you are following along!  I love all the support :)  and NEED IT!   If you want to find me on My Fitness Pal my user name is Tamijoy4Him :)  Come and friend me :)  As we are heading into Holy Week and Easter Sunday I want to send a prayer out to you all this week that you have an amazing week and that you spend some time thinking about all God has done for you in your life.  I give thanks that I have a risen savior that walks along life's highway with me and has brought so many blessings into my life!