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Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Weigh in...27th day of weight watchers!

Well, this week I got a big shock.  I actually did not gain and lost 12.8 ounces!  I can't believe it!  It was a rough week emotionally, it was a rough week eating wise because we were out of town at a hotel that provided free breakfast and supper and was NOT weight watchers friendly, though good food but not in the way of calories.  It was FRIED chicken strips, nacho bar, baked potatoes (which I did do a baked potatoe and that was not too bad but to put anything on it available made it not as good.  I should have just eaten plain baked potatoe the whole time but didnt.  Anyway things of that nature.  they did have pretzels available which is good becuase they are not bad and you can have a bunch to a serving. We were very active, we swam every day and I would do bunny hop across pool and back and then side step etc.  Carrying one or both babies the entire time! We also took turns working out in the gym each night!  It was actually knda nice having the gym right there in the building and gettng babies settled and going down!  LOVED THAT :)  Anyway, I was so worried I had gained but am trilled it was a loss! even a tiny one.  Praying to do better next week!

Monday, June 13, 2011

3rd Weigh in Day

This morning is my 3rd weigh in on my Weight Watchers and day 20 doing weight watchers.  Since last Monday I have lost 4 pounds!!  and a total of 13.2 lbs since I began weight watchers 20 days ago! :)  That puts me at 331.8 pounds.  You can't reallly tell by looking at me but the scale shows it and my clothes are showing it a bit!  I really did not think I was going to do well this week with Jeremiah's gotcha day celebration this week at Chinese buffet.  Researching most things I eat at chinese are NOT good as far as points go so that was worrysome.  I just only at the things I loved the best and tried to eat less than I normally would.  The beauty of weight watchers is you can eat anything as long as you track it and stay in your points.  And you have weekly points for days you go over your daily points that are there for the purpose of special occasion, date night, etc.  Anyway I did go over a few days this week into the weekly points but I reckon it still worked out ok, unless it affects me next week with lower loss, not sure yet.  I only got to the gym a few days this week because child care is proving to be an issue but when I go it is so good (though I think I am dying at the time! LOL)  Praying to figure out more and more ways to go more.  My goal for this week is to go every other day.  We are going out of town Wed through firday or saturday for a dr appoitment and a meeting bobby needs to go to and I am praying the hotel has a gym, if not that may mess up my goal.  Also it will be a rough week because we are staying at a hote that has free breakfast and free supper but its like baked potatoes every night, and then otehr things rotate like nacho bar, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.  Not necessarily healthiest foods but it is included in our reasonable room rate and it make the trip more affordable!  If you ever have an option to stay at a Drury in take it!  I have friends who have stayed at this one so I know they are as good as advertised which makes it a great thing!  Anyway I can use yall prayers to help me still do good.

THANK YOU LORD that YOU are my strength in this journey too!

Monday, June 6, 2011

2nd Weigh In Day

Well, Today is my 2nd Weigh in day and day 13 on Weight Watchers.  I lost 1 lb and 6 oz this week.  I am not thrilled with that number but am thankful I LOST instead of gained!  It was a rough week of learning how to do this in the real world outside of my house.  Memorial Day, My daughter's birthday (eating out twice AND going to the movie) and my mother's monthly shopping and lunch out all fell on the same week!  So with all that I think well maybe I did pretty ok.  I dont want to allow myself any excuses with this but I did loose, just not at least 2 lbs that I had set as a goal for each week bare minimum and definittly not the 7 lbs 6 oz I lost last week..  Anyway, it is a total of 9 lbs and 2 oz since I started weight watchers GONE!  That I can be thankful for.  I think I can actually do better if I can figure out the gym more.  I keep praying they will up and decide to offer child care, but for now we have to work it out as we can.  I have been very active just not able to get to gym every day.  As I get a bit more healthier I think I will be able to do better at doing the body gospel video's at least in part and that will help.  I have a crazy week this week, my baby Jeremiah's 1 year gotcha day is tomorow!  I will be at chinese buffet.  I am planning THAT to be ALL my weekly points! Ad drink lots of water!  Just remembered I have NOT ordered the cake!  EEEK  More from me next week! and for those that follow the family blog I WILL do an update soon I promose!

 I am very into butterflies now!  They are the symbol of my weight loss journey!  They symbolize the new life I have in Christ and the new life that is forming again in this journey to health and weight loss!