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Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Weigh in...27th day of weight watchers!

Well, this week I got a big shock.  I actually did not gain and lost 12.8 ounces!  I can't believe it!  It was a rough week emotionally, it was a rough week eating wise because we were out of town at a hotel that provided free breakfast and supper and was NOT weight watchers friendly, though good food but not in the way of calories.  It was FRIED chicken strips, nacho bar, baked potatoes (which I did do a baked potatoe and that was not too bad but to put anything on it available made it not as good.  I should have just eaten plain baked potatoe the whole time but didnt.  Anyway things of that nature.  they did have pretzels available which is good becuase they are not bad and you can have a bunch to a serving. We were very active, we swam every day and I would do bunny hop across pool and back and then side step etc.  Carrying one or both babies the entire time! We also took turns working out in the gym each night!  It was actually knda nice having the gym right there in the building and gettng babies settled and going down!  LOVED THAT :)  Anyway, I was so worried I had gained but am trilled it was a loss! even a tiny one.  Praying to do better next week!

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