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Monday, June 6, 2011

2nd Weigh In Day

Well, Today is my 2nd Weigh in day and day 13 on Weight Watchers.  I lost 1 lb and 6 oz this week.  I am not thrilled with that number but am thankful I LOST instead of gained!  It was a rough week of learning how to do this in the real world outside of my house.  Memorial Day, My daughter's birthday (eating out twice AND going to the movie) and my mother's monthly shopping and lunch out all fell on the same week!  So with all that I think well maybe I did pretty ok.  I dont want to allow myself any excuses with this but I did loose, just not at least 2 lbs that I had set as a goal for each week bare minimum and definittly not the 7 lbs 6 oz I lost last week..  Anyway, it is a total of 9 lbs and 2 oz since I started weight watchers GONE!  That I can be thankful for.  I think I can actually do better if I can figure out the gym more.  I keep praying they will up and decide to offer child care, but for now we have to work it out as we can.  I have been very active just not able to get to gym every day.  As I get a bit more healthier I think I will be able to do better at doing the body gospel video's at least in part and that will help.  I have a crazy week this week, my baby Jeremiah's 1 year gotcha day is tomorow!  I will be at chinese buffet.  I am planning THAT to be ALL my weekly points! Ad drink lots of water!  Just remembered I have NOT ordered the cake!  EEEK  More from me next week! and for those that follow the family blog I WILL do an update soon I promose!

 I am very into butterflies now!  They are the symbol of my weight loss journey!  They symbolize the new life I have in Christ and the new life that is forming again in this journey to health and weight loss!


Linnea said...

I wish you so much luck. As a person that has tried and failed at WW I want to caution you. I only say this out of love. Points dont work. You can eat anything and everything is you have the points. I lost 95lbs in 10 months by eating healthy and exercising. I took out fast food and junk food from my diet. When I added them back in I couldnt control myself. I gained 50lbs back. I know the right way for me is to take them out and leave them out because I am addicted to them.

I read the book made to crave, I seriously recommend it. It talks about how we crave food over God. I pray for God to help me with my addiction and He is. I am human and I fail but I try over and over. You need to take certain things out of your diet. If you have enough points for Chinese food that doesnt mean you should eat it. When I was bigger I was dropping sometimes 10lbs a week because I was so big, the weight comes off higher in the beginning. You should be having bigger losses.

I dont say any of this to discourage you. The enemy can get in there and tell you 1 pound and no exercise is ok or one piece of cake is okay but God wants more from us. Our body is a temple. The book was so good at opening my eyes to the lies of the enemy.

You can do this. We are not tempted more than Jesus was, we can overcome. We need to fill the void that food fills for us with something else, God. If we do that and only have a 1 pound loss then we have nothing to be sorry about.

I pray you reach your goal and live a healthy lifestyle. I pray that you can address why you got that size in the first place. That is what I had to do when I lost the 95lbs. I knew I did it to hide myself bc I was sexually abused as a child. I also did it to be accepted into my large family, if I was more like them they would love me, but they didnt.

Be blessed

Melissa said...

Everyones experinece is different! Points do work! And exercise will def speed things up! You can do this TamiJoy! I will be cheering you on and praying for you the whole way!! God wants you healthy so you can take care of your awesome family!!!