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Monday, May 30, 2011

Well, FINALLY I may have found a way to do this!!

Hi all,

So if you have been following along with this blog the few times I have posted you probaby are thinking yeah right, she keeps saying she wants to get healthy and loose weight and then nothing seems to happen.  First and foremost I KNOW GOD is the one who can help me do this, BUT He needs me to commit to the maximum degree and not just sit around saying I am waiting on him to free me from the bondage of obesity.  I KNOW I DO NOT HAVE THE STRENGTH to do this on my own!  I feel that God has led me to join Weigh WAtchers online program.  I realy hope to evenutally do the actual meetings as well because I believe that would help even more, but that is $40 a month more i do not have.  I love the online tracking and all and between the ojnline website tracing and the app on my phone and all it is really helpful.  I actually joined Weight Watchers this past tuesday night (may 24th).  I was quite excited that day and thought of coming to post then about it and thought, well, everyone is probably tired of hearing me say I am gonna loose weight and get healthy so I didnt.  Well, I set Monday mornings as my weigh in day.  So I weighed this morning and I lost 7 lbs 6 oz!  I know when you need to loose 200 that is not alot, but it is a loss.  Granted I am bigger now than when I started this blog, but still at least I am heading in the right direction.  Bobby, Celeste and I all joined a new gym out here called Fit Nation that is only 17.00 a month per person.  They do not have child care so it will be challenging to take turns and make it work, but I am so excited to go.  We are also going to start the body gospel back up ( I wil just have to do as much as I can because passing out is NOT a good option when tryin to work out! LOL  Weight watchers is also cool because it can show you how farily normal things like rearragning furniture is excercise!  Poor bobby, all I need is another excuse to rearrange things and reaorganize! LOL  Been working alot on trying to reorganzie and make things be more organized and less cluttered.  so many things you can buy for that but it is all so high.  we have gotten a few things and will see how that works. Anyway, just wanted to share the newest step in my journey.  If you or anyone you know is on weight watchers and uses the online etools and community please share my id there.  I need friends there and as much support as I can get!  I am TAMIJOY4HIM on weight watchers :)  I would love to hear encouragement from anyone who is willing.  I am on facebook too as Tamijoysisemore so you can find me there too.  Also, if you have any good recipes for vegetable side dishes I can try let me know. I am extremely picky and there are so few I can stand so it will be challenging. most of all PLEASE be praying for me.  I am what is called super morbidly obese.  I need to loose 200 lbs.  IF I consistently loose 2 lbs a week EVERY week it will take me 2 years to reach my goal.  I am investing in this with all I have.  Paying the monthly fee for ww online, paying for the gym, buying member kit and anything else I can find at a good price that will help.  I soo want to do the meetings but we will have to see how that works out.  But I hope by putting money into this it will help me be more faithful to it and I am praying it really will work.  Some have said you should not be spending money to loose weight, well, for me for now this is what I believe God would have me to do.  I appreciate all prayers and support!


Anonymous said...

Hi tammy, just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I am praying for you. I follow your fb posts and know what a committed mother you are to your children! You CAN do this!! I have weight to lose as well. I've lost 20lbs since Jan 1st. I have about 55 to go. I have 5 kids and a husband who is gone 3 weeks at time, home for 3 days so it is very stressful trying to manage everything on my own. I took a 'break' from exercising this month. I think I lost my motivation and focus. You have given it back to me! I'm not doing any programs but if you need someone to encourage you and help keep you accountable, so do I! I am Marina Olguin Kinley on fb. PM me and we can find a way to help each other stay on track! God Bless you!!


The Family K. said...

I'm so proud of you, Tami!

HazeletHappenings said...

Cheering you on from overseas - you can do this!!! Can't wait for this ticker to show more pounds GONE!!!

God bless,