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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge to Y'ALL!

Hi everyone,

Ok, so I have a weight loss challenge to you! Weight loss is an amazing thing that can happen when we allow the Lord to move over us and take that area of our life over! I am very much workin on that right now! As I am convinced the healthier I am , the better off ALL THREE of my children will be! So here is the weight loss challenge I give to y'all as I am givin to myself! :) I pray that some of you may want to join in with me in this! Every time I loose a pound I will donate a dollar to The Jeremiah Fund! LOL Now I pray I have an issue comin up with the funds! Anyway I just thought this might be a neat fundraiser to do with some of my friends who are striving to loose weight and get healthy! Sometimes when you have more motivation you can do better. So will anyone out there join me? and if you lost weight last week, donate $1 for each pound you lost to bring Jeremaih home! and if you can't afford $1 per pound, donate 1 cent per pound! Maybe if you look at each pound you loose helps this sweet baby boy who has never known a mother's arms yet, who struggles so hard day to day with his severe cerebral palsy, to be one step closer to being HOME FOR GOOD! Here is the lastest picture of my Jeremiah to give you motivation!

Jeremiah Harold Sisemore 1 year old!

Mama and Noah WesLee Sisemore! :)


Kelly said...

I accept your challenge!

God's Girl said...

I pray that God would do a mighty work to bring your child home.

We are just getting ready to start the process of adopting again from Russia for our second child. I love hearing about a child that God brings to their forever family.

Blessings to you,