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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amazing Book Transformation God's Path out of Obesity

Transformation Book Giveaway Fundraiser!
Joy Rollins, Author of Transformation God's Path out of Obesity and owner of Tranformation Ministry has donated this signed copy of he book/study! :) If you would like a chance at this wonderful book the giveaway is $1 per name in the hat! ALSO if you would in addition to donating for a chance like to help spread the word about our adoption and will send out an email sharing about our families journey to Jeremiah with a link to our family blog and fundraising blog I will give you 5 names in the drawing per 25 names you email. Also if you will grab my button on the sidebar and put it on your blog then I will put your name in 10 times for the book giveaway! The more folks who know about Jeremiah and his severe needs and then spread the word the more likely we are to get donations, entries in our giveaway's and other possible things to help bring my sweet baby boy home! :) Also, I will be doing a Spread the Word Giveaway with separate items on my family blog and fundraising blog so be watching those too :) There are buttons on the sidebar to get to both of those :)
Thsi is the front cover of the book

Here is the back cover

Here is the autograph page! :)
This book was generously donated by Joy Rollins. She has an egroup and a ministry as well. You may contact her at Thanks so much Joy for your wonderful Generosity to help bring Jeremiah home!
Also, please remember my Weight Loss Challenge Fundaiser! Add a penny or a dollar per pound you loose to Jeremiah's Fund! :) Either way you are making a HUGE difference in the life of a child!


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