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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Introducing a new son! :)


For those following this blog that do not follow the other blog I wanted to announce to y'all that Bobby and commited on monday to adopt an amazing and adorable 1 year old baby boy in taiwan. His name is Jeremiah Harold! :) Please keep him in prayer. He has severe cerebral palsy and has lots of needs the most of which is to come home SOON! PLEASE pray for HUGE Miracles for us to get funds QUICKLY. I am so waiting for God to show off as He did for Noah's adoption and then some! :)
Here is his pictureso you know who you are praying for! Please pop over to my other blog! I have 2 giveaways going if you donate to the fund to bring Jeremiah home! :) I also have a button I will be putting up on the sidebar that you can click to get to our blog and read about him and the giveaways and all :) I
I have not been spending alot of time as of late on weight loss but just recently I have begun to draw closer and closer to God and made some really big and HARD decisions and it is amazing that my appetite has been so under control through this! Not gone, but just much better control than ever. I am beginning to see that some spiritual issues have had physical manifestations in my body! Praise God I am working on those! don't know if weight will start coming off or not but I am gonna work at it more again.

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The Family K. said...

Aha! A picture of Jeremiah! Was this not on your other blog or did I miss it? I love all that hair. I'll bet you can't wait to run your fingers through it.

Sometime when you get a moment to post, I'd be interested in hearing more about what God has been teaching you about food and him. Whether we need to lose 90 or 9 or nothing at all, food can be a false god. Many of us, myself included, could stand to learn a thing or two. So, do share if you get a chance.