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Monday, February 16, 2009

Seeing self on video dancing SCARY...Seeing joy on hubby face PRICELESS

hey yall

So Celeste and I did something special for Bobby for Valentines day. And we video taped it. I have it below so you can see. I must say seeing my LARGE and OBESE self on this video was VERY HARD and harder yet was to put on my main blog but hubby and dear celeste wanted me too! It is scary seeing how I look like a bunch of blubber dancing :( I HATE IT :( ugggh I was feelin under the weather earlier and someone suggested I call and get a steroid for lungs and I was like NEVER AGAIN! I gained a rediculous amount on them when I was on iv steroids for several months and want no part of them. I was big to begin with but that seemed to set me over big time. Anyway, feelin very down today:( BUT Bobby loved it so that is priceless! see for youreself and tell me how bad it is :(


JSB Hollinger said...

I loved it!!! Like God told me today, we look at the number on the scales, but God says our hearts all weigh the same, and that is what those that love us see. Our hearts. All I saw was two very wonderful girls having fun and giving a gift to someone they loved. And you were getting exercise too. I've been dancing around the house with Brielle when no one is around. I would never be brave enough to dance in front of anyone but her, let alone put it up on the web. YOU GO GIRL!

Lynda said...


I was on an adoption group with you when you were bringing Noah home. He is such a cutie by the way. I came to your blog earlier today and found that you are hoping to lose some weight. I am right there with you. I just came across a website tonight that looks hopeful and I want to try it out. It is a free trial and if it works it may be worth buying it until I can get down where I want to be. Thought of you too when I saw this cause your blog we close to my heart as i know the struggle that weight lose can be. Here is the website addy if you want to check it out.

I am thinking if you don't want to use these particular items perhaps you could find something close to them at a local store. Anyway, wishing us both good luck at this task we have set before ourselves.:)


stephanie said...

I love you outlook...Tami's 90 in 09.Just take the baby steps each day.How awesome you are.Steph

Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

Hey, that was not bad at all... that was GREAT! I've known people that are model-skinny and don't have the confidence to dance in front of others. What I saw on that video was someone who has friends and a husband who love her, who is happy and funny and who is pro-active. You go!
I'm praying for you in this effort :)