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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Road Trip and Loosin 90 in 09?? WORRIED!

Hi All,

We are back from our Road trip to and from Atlanta! We got home tuesday but came home really really sick! Actually we are still sick and now Noah is started back up again too :( poor guy. Anyway, being gone for so long and having to eat out all that time and not having lots of funds seemed to limit everything. Luckily there was a food court so we were not in high priced restraunts the whole time but fast food gets old quick! I am NOT a salad person at all though have tried so many times over the years but just can't force myself so even that wont work. It all feels hopeless more and more each day. The loosin anything much less 90. I am too scared to even look at scale at this point :( I met an online friend I had never met on the trip and was SOOO nervous she would not like me when she saw HOW big I really am but she was so so sweet and seemed fine with it! It was like we had been together as friends in person forever! Here are a few pics taken on the trip that especially make me SEE how big I have gotten! Most won't get posted on the regular blog but prayerfully here its ok! All I can hold onto at this point is this...
When I call on Jesus, All the things are possible! I can mount on wings like eagles and soar, when I call on Jesus, mountains are gonna fall, cuz HE'LL move heaven and earth to come and rescue me when I call. When my heart is broken and I feel discouraged I can REMEMBER He said HE WOULD BE THERE! THAT is the difference this time! How to implement that in to actually loosing weight I dont know yet but I'm discouraged and feel so weak and without strength so I am gonna CALL!

Me and Noah (on a horse) at Mississippi Welcome Center

Me spending PRESCIOUS time with my FRIEND Teresa! :) notice the rub on tatoo on my arm after a night of fun with my dear 20 year old daughter! When we got home Bobby was like IS THAT A TATOO! LOL he thought I had got a real one while gone! heehee

Sitting in a chair at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta texting! LOL

Shopping in the BIGGEST Target I have ever seen! Atlantic Station in Atlanta! I am with friends we went to conference with ! I am in the back with the baby buggy and am so much bigger than all them and feel so out of place.
Here I am with Noah in my Ole Miss Shirt my cousin Liz bought me! THE ONLY one they had big enough was WHITE! I don't do white! :( I was so sad about that but have wanted one for awhile to feel close to home and it was a gift so I was happy happy! Just wish I did not look so bad in white!
Ok, I am off for now! I will brave the scale soon! I am not sure how it will compair with dr. scale. Last time it weighed me more than docs said :(
thanks for caring guys!


Melissa said...

Hey Tami! I wanted to pass along the name of a friend who started a weight loss ministry. It's called Transformation ministries and I know her personally from our old church. Her name is Joy Rollins. Send me your email if you want to know more about her, I think I had yours but lost it. mine:

Anonymous said...
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