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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

not lookin good

if the home scale is right things are not lookin good for me to loose any weight much less the 90 :( Sometimes I just wonder if folks are meant to be fat. I just dont know. For such a long time it did not bother me but the last 25 or 30 pounds has made a huge difference so I think well just loose those pounds and seems I am not. I did actually remember my isulin resistance medication today so that is good. I am told that if I can get that regulated I should be able to loose some weight but my memory is so bad for remembering it and then also making sure I have it but at times I dont think I need it and others I am sure I do. Anyway, feelin kinda hopeless with weight loss at this point but I am TRYING to remember GOD IS ABLE! IF God can get me on not just one but SIX planes to travel to Taiwan to pick up my baby, If God can take us from a $0 baby fund too all the fees paid and the trip over and done with, then God can shed these pounds off me! I just have to figure out how to give it all to HIM. I keep tryin to remember loosin it WITH JESUS! I need to move closer! Guess that is my focus at this point and not so much loosin but the with JESUS part.
Here are a few pictures of me from the past week.
This is me and Noah and my nephew's birthday on the 12th.

Here I am with hubby Bobby and my boy Noah today, Happy St. Patrick's day!

Rockin my baby , cuz babies don't keep!


JSB Hollinger said...

Hi Tammy
I'm so sorry your struggling. Its not easy to push through in prayer for that breakthrough. It took me years of coming to the door, knocking and then running away. God had to take me through lots of things and heal my heart before I was able to stand before His door and have the heart of a steadfast, determined knocker. I miss you in the yahoo group losin weight with the lord. Please come get support. Hugs

Lindsey's mom said...

Keep trying!! I dont have a much to lose, but lose I need to none the less! I have been exercising 5-6days/week with my DH out of town,working full time, and with the two maybe just try and walk some?

I use my treadmill but I live in Alaska..cold in teh winter.

Can you try and do some walking at least 3 times/week to start?

Even if it is slow walking it is movement....

Keep it up!! Dont give up!!!

Kelly said...

If you havne't already would you mind a blog about what you are doing for exercise? I am HORRIBLE at remembering to take medicine also, so I'm not any help there. How many times a day do you need the medicine? Have you tried one of those day of the week pill containers?

Jennifer said...

Tammy just a few things that have worked for me in the past :)

Eat on a small plate....ya know that old saying "my eyes were bigger then my stomach" :)
Write down what you eat and try to count calories(round about). Some days I have been absolutely amazed at how much I ate!!
Find a low cal snack you like and have it on hand!!
And for exercise I recommend Leslie Sasone's Walk away the pounds. They are SUPER easy videos that can be done day or night rain or shine. My kids LOVE to do them with me! I usually get mine from eBay!!!
Those are a few things I did when I lost 40 pounds......sadly they have found their way make :(

So I need to join you on this journey......again!