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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekly weigh in #10 Roller Coaster Weigh In

This has been a crazy weigh in week.  First of all I could not weigh in on Sunday morning because I was at the hospital with my baby boy Jeremiah after his surgery.  We spent time in PICU and on the floor.  It was a rollercoaster week for me and so then I guess that is fitting for the roller coaster weigh in.  I am very swollen and in ALOT of pain and having some bowel issues.  Sunday Night I made the mistake of weighing in after we got home and I was UP quite a bit from last week's weigh in.  Talk about upsetting to have a HUGE gain  : (  The more I thought about it and remembered that weight can fluctuate during the day and all with eating and such I decided to weigh in on Monday morning at my normal Sunday time.  Boy am I glad I did.  I actually lost weight somehow with all that was going on this week and being swollen so bad.  So not positive which one to count, but since Monday morning was my normal time but not normal day, I decided PRAYERFULLY it is more accurate!  So here you go.

Loss for the week: - 1 lb
Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 322 lbs
Total loss to date: 23 lbs
Total Percentage Lost: 6.7 %
BMI: 52
Pounds left to loose: 177

Please be in prayer for our family for the next few weeks and especially for the next few days.  I leave town in a few minutes with the babies to head to Baton Rouge for Neuro appt and testing and Bobby will be going to a hiring session/interview with the railroad on Wednesday.  We are prayerful that either that job or one he interviewed for last week will come through for him and soon.  He needs a half way decent paying job desperately! All of that and some other things leave us in need of any prayers you are willing to send up for us.  We really could use the prayers.

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