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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly weigh in #9

Weigh In Day
So today is weigh in day. This week has been.... well, I am not even sure the right word to sum up the week.  It has been a tough week, an extremely stressful week, a very emotional week, a roller coaster week, a painful week (both physically and otherwise), and the list goes on.  It was also a week that found me at times eating in places with little control over my food intake, and at times with little care for it at all.  I had days that I had to go into weekly points, and then I had other days that I was soo way below my points and had to eat just a little something right before I emailed my foods to Kedgy because if I sent in 900 calories I knew she would fuss.  Very odd that there was a day I ate till full and still come end of day had to eat when I wasn't hungry to get me up to the minimum calories.  Guess that was just as well to make up for eating at hospital cafeteria and all the other things that happend this week.  I am having a really upsetting day today too and feeling very yucky, in pain, and swollen.  So taking all that in to account I can say that I am pretty happy with the fact that I lost ANYTHING at all this week and if I had the energy would do a happy dance that I did not gain.  Sad to say that I just dodged the bullet of heading the wrong way again.  I keep telling myself God's mercies are new EVERY morning.  Every day is a new day to make any good change toward a better me.  Praying this coming week I can make good changes all week, and also that I can get to the gym and do my exercise every day.  Had some unforseen things that kept me away from gym several days.  Anyway on to the weigh in report.

Yes you have seen this picture before. I again lost .8 lbs (12.8 ounces) this week.
Loss for the week: - .8 lbs (12.8 ounces)
Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 323 lbs
Total loss to date: 22 lbs
Total Percentage Lost: 6.4%
BMI: 52.1
Pounds left to loose: 178

Please be in prayer for our family for the next few weeks if you can.  We really could use the prayers.


Brooke said...

Yay, Tami! Great job!! Keep up the great work, allowing God to make you healthier in all ways! Praying for all of you, friend! God bless!

Maggie said...

Tammy, hang in there! You are doing great...yes there's the weeks with less than a pound but next week it may be 5. This is a lifelong commitment so as long as you're going in the right direction, you succeeding!

Robin said...

Keep up the good work Tami. Every little bit counts. I am so proud of you for taking on this challenge.