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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weigh in update #7~ It's about more than weight! Learning, learning, learning!

Today is my weigh in day.  Again I was worried about a gain, partly because there were some rough patches this week, partly because last night we went to a Mystery Dinner Theatre and they served some bbq.  It was good at the time but by end of the night I felt very yucky and still feel very full and yucky today.  BBQ does not usually affect me this way so not really sure what the deal is.  Anyway I did not gain but also did not loose as much as I would have liked or even as WW recommends (1 to 2 lbs a week) but any loss is to be celebrated so again I celebrate every ounce!

Loss for the week: -.8 lbs (12. 8 ounces)
Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 328.2 lbs
Total loss to date: 16.8 lbs
Total Percentage Lost: 4.8%
BMI: 53
Pounds left to loose: 183.2

I had to find a way to show myself what I lost.  So when I saw that it was 12.8 ounces I thought well what does 12 ounces of fat look like, above you see the 3 sticks of butter.  that is 12 ounces so I  lost slightly over that.  That may not seem like alot but still that is that much off my heart, lungs , joints, etc.  little baby steps!

So that brings me to 16.8 lbs lost total!  I am soo close to loosing 5 % of my starting weight, my first WW goal and this is the second week I just knew I would do it and didnt.  BUT it has been a week of learning alot.  

The Amazing Kedgy Larson, owner of Fitness Lady,  help a contest recently on the 
Fitness Lady Facebook page.  We were to put up a picture from our Christmas Family Celebration on the Facebook page and get friends and family to like Fitness Lady's page as well as our specific picture!  The one with the most likes won!  Thanks to so many of you I was the winner!  I won some personal training from Kedgy!  So this past week she had me start emailing her a journal of all food and drinks I consume each night.  She asked me to try and find ways to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet. Not a big surprise she asked this, as that has always been a hard one for me.  I have added some and am finding new ways to cook some of the veggies and learning so much from Kedgy!  One tip, if you want a potato pair that with say salsa that has acid and peppers and that helps the parts of the potato that are not as good for you to be better.  I love salsa and it is all veggies :)  When the budget allows I am gonna buy up a bunch of ingrediants to make my homemade salsa! :)   Anyway this has been awesome to have Kedgy and her amazing daughter Brianna to speak into my life.  Everyone at fitness lady is so wonderful! Even if you are not local, you can like the Fitness Lady Facebook page  by clicking one of the links in this post and follow along, they post all kinds of good information to help you learn more and more about taking good care of yourself! :) 

Saturday at Fitness Lady I attended a Seminar all about heart disease in women.  I KNEW I was at risk with the horrific family history issues we have, but boy was this seminar very eye opening.  I am even more at risk than I realized.  I also learned alot about symptoms to look for, things I should and shouldnt be doing, about cholesterol, stroke information and the list goes on.  I will be calling my doctor this week to get a copy of my last blood work results and making an appointment to come in for more current results.  I want to see if there may be any difference since December 29th when I started this journey back up! I am learning how to keep track of these numbers and that will be great to see how they change as I get healthier! If you have an opportunity to go to a seminar like this I highly recommend it.  I am excited because Fitness Lady is having another free seminar March 3rd.  This one on nutrition!  Plus they have break out sessions from time to time and I try to hard to make them if it works out with childcare and all.  

As yall know I am now drinking water!  Well, this week's assignment with Kedgy is to drink even more water and less other things.  

Also she is wanting me to get more low fat diary products into my diet!  I ADORE milk and cheese, and I love string cheese, so now I have a good reason to treat myself that that when I get groceries!  It is 1 ounce of good cheese! :)  I am told goat cheese is very healthy, I just wish it was not soo expensive!  So as I said so much learning going on this week!  I am also reading alot of articles at Weight Watchers Online and that is helping me so much too!  Lots of good recipes when I can get the ingredients! Also Brianna Larson, Fitness Lady personal trainer, has a blog I try and read and learn as much as I can from her too!  Her blog is Flexible Billie Goat!  If you click the name you can go there too!  I am loving soaking up all I can from Brianna, Kedgy, WW, and anyplace I can.  Knowledge is power, right! :) 

So in closing this update, I may not have had a huge difference on the scale this week, BUT I am having a difference in my mind!  And I am working on in my heart!  Keeping it real I got so emotional the past few days, because while 16 lbs (now 16.8) is a loss and I guess in some ways it can be a big loss but when you started at 200 lbs overweight it seems like such a little bit, and it is so hard to think that I can keep this up for 2 plus years and reach my goal.  It is emotional when I have been working soo hard and then still every room I go in, I am the biggest person in the room.  I feel so out of place in the world.  Finances are making some places that are far from our home impossible to go to as much and so that I think is affecting me in some ways.  But I am realizing that I am needing to work on my one on one relationship with the Lord.  HE is the one that is with me whether I am at home alone wishing I was at worship, or whether I am in a dr. office, therapy place, or on an elliptical.  My goal is to find a way to have worship music while I am on elliptical, treadmill and bike! I am also learning to tell the Lord when I feel emotional when I walk into a room.  It is hard to look at me as He sees me, inside all this weight.  He gave me this body to be a good steward of it and I have NOT been, but I am working on it now.  Somewhere inside is that body He gave me, somewhere inside is Tami.  I am a tiny bit closer to her.  As I work on the weight, the health, the eating, and even just doing things to take care of me that normal people do that I just dont  even think of doing, etc I am needing to work more and more on the spiritual part of me deep inside.  

So wish I was more talented and could make a signature line divider thing.  I had someone make one for me one time for my other blog and would love one for here, but no clue how to do that! Anyway Thanks to all who are praying, following along and supporting me in this journey in any way shape or form! :)  I NEED YOU GUYS!  THANK YOU!


The Family K. said...

Congrats, Tami! Your'e doing well to keep your eye on the bigger picture - developing a healthy lifestyle and habits that will last a lifetime. And hey, that's almost a lb. you lost there. 3 sticks of butter lost is good!

Paul and Heather said...

Congrats Tami. You feel really yucky from the BBQ because your body is beginning to get used to eating less and more healthy things. When you eat not so good for you things your whole body will get out of balance. Its a good thing and actually that yucky feeling will serve to remind you that eating things that taste good sometimes have bad after effects. Your body is starting to store memories of what good food feels like and all your organs are functioning better because of it. The BBQ slowed everything down!
Keep up the good work and keep losing those pounds!!!

Gretchen & Craig said...

Tami you are doing great! Thank you for sharing your blog with us!! I started WW in August and I wish that I would have blogged from the beginning. It's great to show how you've lost weight. I find things to take pictures of too. My kids, the dog. Find something that weighs 16.8 pounds, that's a good amount of weight. Don't allow yourself to get discouraged by the big goal, celebrate every goal along the way!!! One of the girls in my group just reached 100 pounds lost and we celebrated so big with her. I love to share her journey and I'm loving seeing yours. I'm so glad I finally saw your blog so I can follow here too. I'm so proud of you Tami!!! {{{hugs}}} Gretchen

alli said...

You are doing SO great!!! A loss is a loss...and it all adds up. I drink water all the time. Try adding slices of lemon or orange to give it a nice refreshing flavor. don't squeeze them, just toss them in. You can use the slices over & over for a whole day (or more). Also, cucumber in it is fun too (put it in the night before and refrigerate). One other thing I do if I want flavor is add a tiny bit (2 oz. or less) of 100% juice to 16 oz. water.

You are on the right track with the mind change...THAT is where it all takes place. So proud of you.