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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday June 24, 2012 weigh in

Well, apparetly I forgot to blog last week's weigh in.  Last week my weight was down to 313 which was a loss of  1.4 lbs from the week before.  This week was our STAYCATION and I was a bit worried as we stopped all regular activities including the gym, therapy, appts, etc. and had a vacation in our own town :)  LOTS of fun :)  If you can't afford to go on vacation I highly recommend a staycation!  There may be free or very cheap things in your town too :)  Anyway, stuff with kids and illness and all kept me out of gym the week before pretty much too.  I have been working out some and we have been very active but truth be told I was very worried about a gain.  I am happy to say that did NOT happen.  A tiny loss but no gain!  It is good for me to have weeks like these to see that even when I can't devote alot of time to working out and health and fitness I can still maintain and maybe loose a bit.  Anyway, this week was a HUGE learning week for me!  A very emotional week.  I have had a glimpse into what I was missing in life for so long and a bigger glimpse into what  am still missing because of this Morbid Obesity.  So much of this week would NOT have happened a few months ago.  I would either have not even planned to do the things we did or if I did I would have made sure there would be a way for me to sit and someone to make sure kids had fun.  I am not saying this week was easy physically at this weight, because it wasn't, BUT it was more doable and it was fun.  Am I paying for it now!  YES,  prayerfullly the day will come when we can have a fun active week and me not pay for it so much.  I experienced such fun with my family.  I made a video that I really want to share.  It shows some pics of things I can do that I could not before and me being more willing to be in pictures with my kids and know that they need to see themselves with me in years to come and know I was here for them and experiencing life with them.  I still hate how I look but I am able to look now and see some changes!  I took pics of myself  in the mirror friday and when I look and compare I can see a bit of a difference and it makes me smile!  This video made me totally ball!  PLEASE watch it and please comment!  The songs used speak so hugely to things going on inside me and how I feel.  I had such a sweet time at home this morning with the Lord and I can feel him changing me more and more and healing me more and more!  Anyway, here is this weeks numbers and below it the video! If it wont all show on here cuz the column to small you can click at the end I think to go see it at one true media.  trying to figure out how to do this now.  Please let me know what you think :)

Loss for the week: - .8 lbs

Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 312.2 lbs
Total loss to date: 32.8 lbs

Total Percentage Lost: 9.5 %

BMI: 50.4
Pounds left to loose: 167.2


Soozie4Him said...

Tami, I am so inspired by your journey and your video had me tearing up... If you think 32 pounds isn't a lot, try carrying around 6 bags of flour and a 2-pound bag of brown sugar all day! That's what you were doing! Now you've put that weight aside! SO glad you can do more! I'm on a weight journey too. I lost some, but have gained part of it back. It's just part of the journey. We we can't quit, no we can't! Not with God doing this with us!

moot96 AT aol DOT com

alli said...

i am SO proud of you. this post and video has inspired me today. you have kept going and that is HUGE. did you notice that you are only a few pounds away from being under 300? THAT is amazing...that goal is VERY doable and VERY near. keep up the good work. the pictures are fantastic. you look so happy and you will cherish those pictures of playing with your kids.

lorabelle said...

Tami, This is awesome!!!
You are making such great progress and I think it's wonderful to see you smile again. Keep on Keepin on! Some weeks are easier than others... I think it's often hard to see the progress in ourselves but trust me when I tell you that everyday makes a difference! You look great and it's obvious that you are starting to feel better too!!! I am Soooo proud of you!!!

Robin said...

Congratulations on losing 32 pounds Tami! Your video came out great. It was so nice to see you smiling in the pictures and really enjoying your time with your family. Way to go! Keep up the FANTASTIC work you are are doing transforming yourself.

SusanoftheBox said...

Wow Tami! You are doing so amazing. I am impressed with your weight loss! You just keep going and going and you're doing great!

Also... don't forget to keep updating your goals at the side of the blog page. You have lost 30 pounds now, so celebrate it! It's another milestone met!