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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly weigh in times 2! Didnt post last week.

2 weeks weigh in report today!  Had some illness to deal with and did not post last week.  
May 27th Weigh in:
Loss for the week: - 1.8 lbs

Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 318 lbs
Total loss to date: 27 lbs

Total Percentage Lost: 7.8 %
BMI: 51.4
Pounds left to loose: 173

Weigh in from today June 3rd
Loss for the week: - 2 lbs

Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 316 lbs
Total loss to date: 20 lbs

Total Percentage Lost: 8.4 %
BMI: 51
Pounds left to loose: 171

Have been beyond tired lately.  The new diagnosis of a thyroid issue has brought answers but so far treatment is not helping.  I loved the above photo because I must say after 5 months and only 29 lbs lost I am not happy with me at all and I am very tired!  Battling motivation, Battling not quitting, But I am battling, so that is the positive in it!  I know this is going to take a long while and part of getting healthy is the ups and downs of figuring out what is going on with my body.  So at least that is happening and alot of learning is happening! 

Also wanted to share this!

Ok guys! I NEED your help! I am needing more motivation! Wanna help me out! You can help me with my journey no matter where you live!!! Please read! My Fitness Center, Fitness Lady Louisiana Womens Fitness and Water Aerobics, is doing this fun thing called Footsteps tofitness. Collectively she wants all the members to log enough miles to add up to enough to walk from here to New York. So she started June 1st and she is keeping track of every mile of exercise of each member to try and do it. Well, I plan to be a part of that with her but I am also planning to log it myself for me to see how many miles of walking, elliptical, treadmill, excercise class, etc I can log for the month of June. Just to see , ya know! I will be much fitter at the end of June and it will be cool to see how much I have accomplished! Now, here is where you come in! SUPPORT ME! YOU DO IT TO! Let me know what you are doing to be fit, if you walk a mile, run it, job it, crawl it, do on elliptical, treadmill, do a class that would make up for a mile of movement, do a walk away the pounds video or whatever come and let me know! I want to keep track and see how many miles my friends and I can do! :) I wanted to do this as a document but couldnt figure out how, hoping as the picture it will work and folks can find the picture each time they come to my page and put there exercise in the comments! :) If you exercise once a day and want to put it do, if you exercise 2 times come twice or keep track for a few days and then tell me, whatever works for you. My hope is feeling like I am doing this with all my friends will keep me motivated! And I can come back and share what I am doing each day! It is going to be a long 2 years to loose all my weight and I need ways to stay focused! I think for the month of June this will be a great way! SOOOOOO, Who is with me???

Here is the link to  join in :)  TamiJoy's June Footsteps to fitness challenge!

anyway, until next week


doorless said...

Slow and steady is the best way. You are doing well. Don’t give up now because you have worked so hare. I too have a thyroid problem for over 20 years. Hypothyroid and take meds every day. Won’t help lose weight . Have to work at that. I am wearing a Fitbit , counting steps and everything I put in my mouth.
I am increasing my activity and work on a Gazelle three times a week with a day or two off for my muscles to recouperate.
I am doing the Couch 25K challenge and am in week 4 day 1 on Monday. I eat what I would normally eat but less and healthier eating more fruit and veggies. I get cravings for cookies and crackers and indulge 1 day/week for sanity.
I know that you can do this. I have an aria scale that shows BMI and fat/lean ratio as well as weight. When I started out I was well over 50% fat! Now even at 50/50. Have lost 20 pounds since feb.

Robin said...

Your numbers are down two weeks in a row. That is something to feel good about! Keep it up Tami.