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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday June 10th 2012 weigh in

So today was weigh in day.  I was kinda worried this week because I had several days where not only did I not track but I had no control over food choices though I did over how much I ate of those foods, always trying to do less than I would normally and less than I would really like thinking that best.  And with added stress of my son having an unexpected surgery and hospitilization and some stress since at home with all this I am pretty happy with the fact I did not gain AND I lost something! I am loving this new scale from weight watchers you can decorate I saw online.  This is not my scale but its on you can buy and decorate!  I love the butterflies and alot of what it says :)  Someday I may get to splurge and get this :)  or go get some stickers at michaels for my current scale! :)

Loss for the week: - 1.6 lbs ( 1 lb 9 1/2 oz)
Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 314.4 lbs
Total loss to date: 30.6 lbs
Total Percentage Lost: 8.9 %
BMI: 50.7
Pounds left to loose: 169.4

So this puts me at 30 pounds lost!!!  woohoo This was fun to make because to make it seem real to me since I do not see it I had to go searching for pics of things that were 30 lbs!  Cool to know a bushel of lima beans unshelled or okra is 30 lbs!  I found the fruit an that looks like alot of fruit!  and then of course the mayo and fat is cool to see! 30 lbs is more than it seems when I look in the mirror if I look at this, which also means the 200 I need to loose total is way more than I even know by looking in the mirror.  

Sooo, having lost 30 lbs puts me at a little over 1/8 of my weight I need to loose being gone!  Soo  I just need to do this 7 more times!  The problem is it has taken me 5 months to get here which means at this rate it will be 25 and half more months before I am at goal and would have taken me at least 2 and half years to loose 200 lbs.  If was loosing 2 lbs steady a week like I should be I would be at least 46 pounds down instead of 30. BUT 30 is better than none down or a gain, so trying to be ok with this!

Saw this on a friends facebook this week and really liked it!  

good point!!!

Loved this too!  Always on the look out for inspirational things in the journey and mores the better when a butterfly involved! So, its weird to me because as big as I am I am such a girly girl!  Love purple, pink, flowers, butterflies, feminine things and feeling girly.  But because I am so large that seems weird to me and like I can't be that because of my size.  Does that make sense at all to anybody?  Someone questioned me recently when I said something about being a girly girl inside when I am not able to really be one.  So what do yall think??


doorless said...

You are doing great! It took more than 2 years to gin the weight so give yourself a pat on the back! You ARE losing! Good for you.

MyBellsPalsyBaby said...

Just remember that as you loose the weight and become more fit. You will be able to exercise more and loose weight faster! Congrats!

The Family K. said...

Congrats, Tami! 30 lbs. down is awesome!