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Friday, January 6, 2012

What a week!

 Hello to all of you who are following along and cheering me on!  What a week it has been.  It was a week ago yesterday on December 29, 2011 when I restarted this blog and went public with my plan to do all I could to find ME and to actually get to where I am living and to NOT let this Super Morbid Obesity Kill me.  It has been a pretty good week all in all!  So to share on Sunday I began doing the Walk Away the Pounds Dvd 1 mile workout.  This is a 15 minute mile with a warm up and cool down for a total 20 minute workout!  I almost passed out at first but I did it!  I did it that morning and that night!  GOD helped me for sure!

If you are unfamiliar with this workout dvd it is more than just walking.  It is a power walk plus alot of other exercise that calls on other muscles of the body.  It has walking, knee lifts, hamstring curl, arm workouts, side steps, side touches, and such all that you are doing while you are walking.  It is a good workout and there are many more to move up to so I am excited!  But the fact I was able to do that twice and not die was huge to me! :)  On Monday I did it again twice :)  I also emailed the gym I went to for a bit before Noah came home because when I went there I felt better than I have in years before or since.  After talking back and forth by email with the amazing owner we set up an appointment for Tuesday night for me to come in and sign up again!  I spent monday evening talking at length to Bobby about this and he agreed that it was VITAL I make this step so here we go! :) 

This is one of the T-shirts they have there that I soooo want!!! There are about 4 or 5 ones they have up there and are $20 each so that will be a luxery at some point! :)  I love what this one says!! :)  They have a pink one I really like too because I am into girly things and colors and I like what it says too but this one just really I LOVE :)  Anyway so I went in to sign up and met with the owners daughter who is one of the personal trainers and an amazing woman herself!  I can't tell you how wonderful these folks are and she has even had some training because folks with super morbid obesity dont loose weight like just overweight folks and can't do things in the same way.  She talked to me for a good while and I even cried in front of her and dont really know her.  She is awesome.  They all are.  Anyway they really think they can help me and I am sooooooo excited for this opportunity.  She explained this was gonna be a long haul type thing so I signed up for the longest contract she offered me which is for 2 years!!!  She was able to share with me that she has a couple of clients that started out my size and one even a bit larger than me.  One has lost 120 lbs in a little over a year.  I was blessed to meet her that same evening. :)  God is really working this all out for me and showing me that I can do this with HIM and the people and opportunities He is placing in my life!  So I signed my contract and then headed to my first class right then and there!  Water aerobics!!  An HOUR class!  

Here I am all dressed for the class before I put clothes on top and headed up there to sign up and do the class!  Now, if you have never done water aerobics at Fitness Lady you may think this is just a light workout. You would be far off the mark.  It is a real aerobics class but in water.  You really work out and do so many of the things that is done on the floor in other classes and also some stretching and toning!  The owner that teaches it makes it a total blast to boot so it being fun makes you want to do it.  I really wish I could go more than I can.  With the boys therapy schedules I can only go on Wednesday Morning and then I can do the 5:30 classes offered on Tues and Thursday.  So for now it will be 3 days a week for Water aerobics!  Next week I start the first 2 of my 6 training sessions that you get when you join.  They will teach me all about all the machines and such and help me work out a plan for me and my needs, decide what weight I need to set machines on, how many reps of things I need, etc.  I am quite excited!  They have a free childcare in M thru thurs evening and for Wed morning when I go too.  they dont have it on tues and thursday mornings so wed is the only morning I can go.  So I will be going up there for something Mon, Tue and Thursday afternoon/evening and Wed Morning :)  Can't wait to learn more and more :) 

I also signed up for the 100 days challenge!  You commit to doing some kind of intentional movement for at least 30 minutes every day for the first 100 days of 2012!  I have saved the below picture to my computer to color in each day as I do it! :)  I dont always want to move unless I have to , but now I am trying my best to move as much as I can.  Trying to get back to taking better care of my home, though I have to get very inventive in how to do some of the things cuz It is still not doable in a normal way but I pray the day will come when I am much smaller that I can do it all like I should.  

Isnt it cool! :)  Its amazing to think how little I was moving.  I am still hurting, but I was hurting sitting so now I am moving and hurting but overall I feel AMAZING!!!  I am so praying I can keep the motivation up for the long haul!  I now at Fitness lady they will help me to keep going and get past plataues or do whatever I need. It is amazing to know they are here and actually WANT to help someone as big as I am.  So many places just look at someone my size and think what is she doing here.  It makes me cry still thinking about how great this opportunity is and I will make the most of it!  I can't wait for weigh in Sunday morning to see if I will have some results on the scale to go with all this I am doing.  

I am back to weight watchers online!  I actually have been paying for it all this time but not really tracked since June.  So I started that back this week as well.  I have tracked all food and activity all week and I love the online site and how easy it is to keep track of it all and see what I am doing.  It tells me based on my weight how many points I can have a day and alot of foods are already in there system and I just write in what I ate and search and then it puts the points.  Some things I have to google online to find the nutrition info and put in the ww calculator on line to find points, and some things I just use the box.  It is great to with restaurants and all.  My friend Charlotte gave me a link to a site that has most restaurants on it and you click on the link to that place and it will tell you the best choices to eat and the points and all for it.  That will be a help for when we are blessed to go out to eat! :)  

Speaking of my friend Charlotte!!!   She is another adoptive mama with Asian Cuties and she has been doing weight watchers for 2 years and has lost 228 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THAT is my bare minimum goal and she has done it!  I am so blessed to have her in my life for support and advise as well as friendship!  I am also blessed that she is only about 3 and half hours away from us and on January 14th she is coming into town to see me!!!  I will get to meet her face to face and hear all her story, her advice and just spend time with her and her family!  She is staying at a hotel with an indoor pool and has invited us to swim with them and just have a wonderful evening together!!!!  I CAN'T WAIT :)  I know Noah will love meeting her kids! :)  I can't wait to share with yall all about our visit and I can't wait for the day that I can be where she is!  But I have at least 2 years of work ahead of me to get there!  AGAIN , God is so showing me that He has got my back in this and providing more and more people to help, support me, and cheer me on!  HE KNOWS how I am and how much all of yall caring and cheering for me will help and motivate me!  I KNOW I can't do this alone!  BUT with God and with the help He is bringing and lots of cheerleaders I can.  

His Word promises that He has made EVERYTHING Beautiful in HIS time!!!  I am part of everything!  I am clinging to this verse and to the buttefly! The above saying is so me.  Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over.  That is me.  If I continue as I am I will die.  The doctor said it, people DIE from super morbid obesity.  And to make it worse not only could I die, but even alive I am not living  So much I can't do like I am.  I am the caterpillar!  A very big one.  But God can transform me into the beautiful butterfly!

God has done so much in me over the years.  He has broken so much bondage off me, He has healed me in so many areas from the inside.  Just recently He began the work inside on an even deeper level of my onion of need when I was in a SOZO mini class in my Church ladies cell group, Agape Women.  He began stirring some things in me I thought were gone, were healed, were not a part of me, and He began showing me that He is still working on me inside and now out too.  I also just found out that I will have an opportunity to do the SOZO full class in Christian Education on Sunday mornings soon.  God's timing is perfect.  How amazing that I will be able to go through this at the same time that He is working on the my physical body too!  He is working on me from the inside out.  I love the above verse and am trying to remember it in my own life!  The OLD has past away.  So much of my old still affects me to this day and I know that I need to leave it behind. Just as I will leave each of these unhealthy pounds behind for good.  I have to begin to see myself more and more as God sees me.  I am already a new creation but the more that I open up to God and others the more I can stop being the caterpillar and become yet again a new creation by being the butterfly!  Butterflies symbolize new life.  For me when I reach goal I will have a new life.  I will actually be able to live!  I wont be making decisions based on will I fit in the seats, how much walking is involved, can I get up and down from there, etc.  I am probably sharing WAY more than yall are wanting so I will hush now.  IF you read this far thank you.  I will be updating the blog often to share how I am doing for my cheerleaders to know and also for me to be accountable to knowin yall are watching.  I will be looking forward to comments and such so please comment! :)

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Cynthia said...

We are going to do this together!!! I can't wait to hear how well you do with your exercise classes next week. I HAVE to get my Wii Fit out so you don't get to far ahead if me! :-)

BTW, I'm so happy you are going to get to meet your friend. I met my BFF in a Yahoo group. She lives in Missouri and I'm in Tennessee. I can't wait for the day when I can hug the daylighst out if her! It's amazing how our lives have paralleled over the years before we knew each other and they continue to be that way. It's amazing how God puts us in the right places to meet the people that He uses in our lives.