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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

If you are overweight READ THIS update on me

If you are overweight in any way I have one thing to say to you.  DO SOMETHING NOW!  I have been battling to loose for a few years in a serious way, but for many years before I knew I was big and I would say I am not going to get to 200 lbs, I am not going to go over 225, over 250, over 300, over 325 and now I am saying no way am I going to 350.  I am 340 lbs.  Now, I had more testing yesterday and got a call this morning from the cardiologist office that I have a blocakage in my heart.  Now I am not blaming the weight for the blockage, It may in part be from weight but with my family history and the ones who had severe heart issues young were NOT overweight so more than likelly this would happen anyway.  BUT my weight puts the entire issue in a whole new ballgame.  My weight makes heart cath and anything that may come after it much much more high risk than if I was not 200 lbs overweight.  For years I felt like I am so young.  this last couple weeks I am OLD.  in my family 43 is old.  My grandfather first heart attack was at 40 and died of his 5th at 59.  My dad had heart issues by mid 40's and died at 61 in quadruple bypass.   Neither were overweight.  it hit me recently that I am 43 and for this family that is old.  It would be so much better if I had never gotten this big.  It is speculated at this point the lack of energy and why this weight loss journey is so hard is because of my heart and that may well be true but any way you look at it you can go from one day where your weight does not affect your life to the next where anything could happen!  PLEASE do not put off eating healthier, dont put off getting active.  Money aside there are some ways you can do things healthier and more active.  I just felt really really that I needed to share this.  

now for those who pray.  PLEASE pray for me!  YES I am scared!  I am a woman of faith and fear is not of God so I KNOW that I need to stop feeling fear and LET GOD heal me!  It was impressed upon me during worship this week that the Bible talks about LEAPING and DANCING before the Lord.  
As the ark of the LORD was entering the City of David, Michal daughter of Saul watched from a window. And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the LORD 2nd Samuel 6:16.

Sunday in Church my heart ached because I wanted so to leap and dance before the Lord in worhsip and I physically can't.  It hurts, I can't get my body off the ground and I am just too tired.  I know the Lord knows of this desire.  and I have prayed hard I will get healthy enough to do that . I have to believe I will be ok and I will be doing just that!

this entire journey is about being a better me with God!  Well weight is a huge issue of that but so is overall health.  The journey was started because I DO NOT WANT TO DIE!  Now my flesh is freaking thinking heart blockage could be something that does that.  BUT GOD!  I have to hold onto BUT God!  

I have seen God do some HUGE things that were IMPOSSIBLE!  He brought home Noah! We could NOT have done that on our own!  We had $5 in the bank the day we committed to Noah!  God provided every penny.  He gave us ideas, he honored our hard work, he laid Noah on people's hearts, etc.  We would come to a deadline hours or short days away and the needed amount woudl show up!  GOD IS ABLE!  and GOD DID IT :)  God brought Jeremiah home.  Provided every penny for that adoption.  Kept Jeremiah alive in Taiwan while he waited and once we had him, healed in in us PICU when the top dr's said that it was impossible!  GOD IS ABLE.  GOD DID IT!  I have seen tumors gone!  Cancers healed and I can go on and on.  God took the bondage of smoking from me when I begged Him too!  God healed me from some pretty yuck stuff and healed my emotions and protected me from my own self!! GOD IS ABLE!  So I know that this weight loss journey can happen WITH GOD!  HE IS ABLE!  HE can do what I can't!  I KNOW IT.  Well, the same is true for this heart issue!  GOD IS ABLE!  HE CAN and WILL Heal me!  He will arise with healing in His wings.  A heart cath scares me to death especially at my weight, but God can use that to help the dr know what to do to help me get better.  I am excited that just maybe they can do something to help me not feel so exhausted and yucky all the time.  

Please keep me in prayer next few days and who knows how long after.


Karrie said...

Love you SO MUCH!!:')

Robin said...

Sending prayers.