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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Just Keep Swimming.... Fall into Fitness 21 Day fix Challenge...

So with encouragement from a wonderful friend and now my coach I decided to once again give this journey a try!  I am being told the only true failure is failing to try again...sooo I try again and keep telling myself....

So I have now done 2 challenge groups with her. I just completed the fall into fitness 21 day fix using Beachbody 21 day fix containers, body gospel workouts and little bits of what I have learned along the journey and what I continue to learn!  So I thought I would share some of what this 21 days has been like for me.  Pics and video's below.  I am learning to modify more and more.  To do anything on the floor I have to  use a crib mattress!  I have not got pics or video of that yet but maybe a later post.  

a yummy snack!  strawberries and milk :)

natural peanut butter and honey on a whole grain sandwhich thin with triscuits and hummas :)

I LOVE LOVE eggs!!! I found this easy way to separate them so that I can do one yellow and 2 or 3 whites and save some of the calories.

Asian Pepper chicken.  This was YUMM.

breakfast burrito with canadian bacon and egg

top Asian Peppers and chicken and mashed potatoes in container bottom Oatmeal  LOVE LOVE

healthy lean bbq pork, spinach and pinto beans.  pic did not turn out good

Turkey whole wheat spaghetti.  Everyone loved this!

Mexican pork loin with carrots, celery and green onions and salsa :)

Chicken and egg wrap with a smear of hummas :)

Finally found yogurt I like  Chobani Greek Yogurt!  I am going to be trying different things with greek yogurt when I have grocery money again :)

curry chicken and veggies

1 serving of peanuts

I LOVED this when I saw it!!!  I am not the butterfly yet but I so love this :)

Grilled chicken and eggs my meal eaten out staying on plan with stuff I ADORE :)

Dont remember what is in the wrap :)  haahaa

This was my first day shopping for the first challenge

I am holdin on to the above!! :)  I am FAR from done.  I will say the challenges have been a success.  They are learning opportunities and I am finding ways to do this that I pray I can do for life!  I am needing prayer for balance and getting everything done around the house and other responsibilities as well as the working out and meals and all.  I am praying as I loose more and more weight and get healthier that I will have more energy which will help all of these things.  The results from this Fall into fitness 21 day fix challenge are:

Weight 346 to 341. 6    ~  4.4 lbs
waist  54.5 to 54            ~ .5 inch
Hips 70 to 68                   ~2 inches
Chest 58 to 58               ~ 0
Right Arm 18.5 to 19   + .5 inch
Left Arm 21 to 21          ~ 0
Right Thigh 28.5 to 28   ~ .5
Left Thigh  29 to 28.5    ~ .5

I hope that some have read and are following along!! It helps me alot to have folks follow, comment, cheer, encourage etc. :)  I also pray that someday this blog and my journey will help other people :)  I am sure most have probably given up on me but I am thankful for those who keep saying TRY TRY again... just keep swimming... It is possible.  and I am the most thankful that the Lord gives me new mercies EVERY morning and HE is still working on me!

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