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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goals for 2014 so far....

Goals for 2014

So I am working on setting some realistic goals for 2014 that I really want to meet!!!  Not resolutions but actual goals that I can then make mini goals toward reaching.  Not sure about how to do this exactly but here is what I have so far... what do you think???/

Goals for 2014
GET and STAY serious about better health and weight loss!!!!!!
Drink at least some water every day!!!
Go to gym at LEAST 3 days a week
Walk away the pounds at least 3 days a week
Get  my home in better storage and organization
Read at least 20 books just because
Loose at LEAST 52 lbs ( a pound a week) preferably 104 (2 lbs a week)
Walk in an organized fun run/walk at some point in 2014 pushing Jeremiah and prayerfully my family walking with me!
To be continued….
I think I somehow need to work on the brain aspect of things for this journey!!!  I know that spiritually the Lord has been impressing on me the renewing of my mind and letting go of old things so I think that is going to be important in this weight loss journey as well.
Found this scale online!!! I LOVE IT!!! I WANT THIS!!  Maybe not the sexy part but the you go girl, I love me, the butterfly and other sayings!!!  Someday I want a scale like this!!  Maybe I can little by little find things at Michaels to put on it :)

Saw this on FB and I am claiming it!!!

I am letting go of the mistakes of the past 2 years and the past 45 years.  2014 I begin, YES AGAIN!  but I begin and I pray I will be better in 2015 than I am now and I wont have the same regrets!  I do NOT want to waste this year!
Happy New Year from my family to Yours!

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