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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update from missing weigh-ins

Well, I have not done good keeping yall up on what is going on.  We have had some illness and different things going on and I have just not taken the time to come and do my posts.  Not good for those who support me or for me because it tends to make me spiral when I am not focusing and sharing what is happening.  Some of the missing weigh-in's were done on  that I am a part of now but some I dont think I even did over there.  I will share a bit about the weigh in's that were done and then do my normal weigh in post for this past Sunday's weigh in.  Then either tomorrow or Monday I will share this Sunday's weigh in report after I weigh in tomorrow.  
The last weigh in I shared here on the blog was on April 15, 2012 and my weight was 316.6.  After that was
april 22, 2012 and I lost 1.2 lbs and was 315.4.  Then the next weigh in was suppose to be April 29, 2012 and I am not sure why I did not weigh in now. It may have been being sick or kids sick or something.  I dont remember.  Anyway the next weigh in I did was May 6, 2012 and I was down 1.4 lbs to 314.  That brings us up to this last Sunday May 13, 2012.  I will say that this weigh in upset and shocked me and to be honest depressed me.  I was sick for a week and some days did not eat at all, the days I did eat I was not holding the food down.  I did not exercise but since I was not eating I thought I would at least stay the same.  That is NOT what happend.  So here is this past Sunday's Weigh in Report.

Loss for the week: - GAIN of +8 lbs
Starting weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 322 lbs
Total loss to date: 23 lbs
Total Percentage Lost: 6.7 %
BMI: 52
Pounds left to loose: 177

I am not happy with an 8 lb gain in a week that I did not even splurge this week or anything and was sick and then have a gain.  Sometimes I do not like my body. 

On another note I have had some health issues recently on top of being sick with tummy bug last week.  I ended up in the ER Wednesday evening on oxygen.  I have a viral Pleurisy that was my acute need.  I am recouping from that.  In addition to that thursday I found out that my thyroid is quite out of whack.  I do not know if this information was from a test taken at the ER (as they took a TON Of blood) or if it was a test that had just come back form my recent appointment with my doctor.  But anyway she started me on a medication for my thyroid on thursday.  So far I am not feeling better but I am told that this thyroid is responsible for my total exhaustion and weakness, possibly for my almost passing out twice in 2 days, and even for my swelling I have been having a quite a few other symptoms.   Anyway I am told it can take SIX WEEKS to feel the effects of the medicine but I am praying it is sooner.  It is nice to have an explanation for why I have been feeling sooo awful and it is not all just being fat!  Though super morbid obesity does cause many health issues and feeling awful and lack of energy and on and on, but this thyroid thing is the above and beyond I have been feeling.  

This is kinda cool to me.  My fitness Pal has some neat reports they do and I thought I would share for anyone interested. 

Seeing this makes me more committed to documenting all exercise I do.  It will be neat to see how much I am doing.  From someone who literally went from bed to recliner except for absolute musts like caring for kids as quickly and easily as possible it is neat to see all this exercise and I know I am acchomplishing it.

this is cool too :)

I am not too happy with this one that shows ups and downs.  needs to be all downhill!

saw this picture this morning and I thought wow, I like this buttefly picture!  It is not a guarentee that I can loose this 200 lbs or even get own to a normal size person, rather than the hugest person in every room I go in.  BUT it is a possibility and I will do all I can to make it a reality!


Jeri said...

hey, Tami, I just saw your blog on this. Good for you on what you have lost. Maybe just maybe that 8# is water retention from being in the hospital.

Robin said...

Hey Tami-
Sorry you have been so sick. Hopefully the 8 lbs are illness related. Good noes catching the thyroid issue. Getting that under control will put you yet another step closer to a healthier you. Keep on keeping on Tami!

alli said...

tami, my daughter (adopted from taiwan) has thyroid issues. you know the 8 lbs. could have been from that too. obviously, something was going on b/c you have been doing SO great. don't let it get you down. keep it up!! you can do it. :0)