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Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, last week Celeste helped me weigh and I was very sad to see my weight was 327 pounds!  I mean I knew I was big and I knew I hated things about me and about being big but still that just sounds so awful!  Our digital scale died on me so that is why I needed help to weigh on the other one, if you get off the weight leaves so she had to look for me :)  plus if you bend over I am told the weight goes up.  Anyway, point of all this is she just helped me weigh again as my first offical weigh in after my starting weight and I LOST 2 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am in shock!  Part of me is like maybe she just read it wrong but she pointed at on the scale for me to see and unless she is fudging it to make me feel good I FINALLY lost a tiny bit of weight.  BUT that is the first step!  HEADING DOWN!  I am trying to come up with some walk away the pounds video's I can walk in the living room with at home so it is not dependent on my having a car.  Granted I am alone here and dont company to do it with , well unless you count Noah!  We have had some changes in our life and our home this week so I am spending alot of time reorganizing, moving things around , spring cleaning etc.  I know it is not exercise but for this week that will most likely have to count!  Anyway just thought I would share my loss!  A friend suggested I get folks to sponsor me that they will donate so much per pound loss.  LOL  I told her folks do not care that much if I loose weight!  heehee  Anyway for those few who may read this blog PLEASE send me your words of cheer and advise :)  It would be nice to feel like someone is cheering me on :)


Sarah Maples said...

I am SOOOO proud of you! 2 pounds is 2 pounds! I was up to 315# at my biggest and I'm now around 175# but I had gastric bypass last march. I think getting pledges to encourage you and raise money for Jeremiah is a GREAT idea. I'll start. I pledge $2/pound. Not a huge amount but it will add up. I'll send you your first check when you get to 300#. How does that sound? Someone just recommened Leslie Sansone's walking DVD's. Haven't tried them yet but sound good. You can walk right in your own living room.

Jennifer said...

WAY TO GO TamiJoy!!!!!!!

I agree 2 pounds is two pounds closer to your goal!! Weight Loss is like adoption. One paper at a time ;)

I'm still at it too!! We have lots to loose BUT we can do it!!!!