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TamiJoy's Exercise

Exercise is becoming a regular part of my life!  It is going to help give me the energy I need to lead a healthy life!  It is also going to help me reach my goals of loosing weight and being a better me! 

January 3, 2012 I signed a 2 year contract with Fitness Lady!  They are a HUGE source of help for me, not just a gym to go exercise at but a place to go and learn how to exercise and learn about fitness, health, and being a better person as a whole.  A place that truly cares about people, and not just your monthly payment.  They have lots of seminars and break out sessions to help with good health in addition to helping you learn to exercise.  

Fitness Lady offers Water Aerobics and this is a HUGE help for me!  Now, if you have never done water aerobics the Kedgy way, you may think this is not real workouts but let me assure you they are.  I go to H20 on Tuesday and Thursday Night and Wednesday mornings.  The classes are 1 hour long and as much fun as they are work out!  There is cardio but also toning going on too!  Just about anything you can do in a class on the floor they can put it in the pool!  We have had bits of kickboxing, Zumba, dancing, presses, curls, etc.  

I am also doing the weight machines, upper and lower body and have learned to use the Elliptical, treadmill and 2 different kind of bikes.  One that your legs pedal and arms go back and forth at same time.  I have only done that one for 3 minutes today but its a start.  The plan is to go on Friday, Saturday and Monday Mornings and do cardio and weights.  Also if I can fit it in the 2 hours childcare I am allowed when I go to H20 class I try to do either some of my weight program or the cardio equipment before class.  Between the childcare offered and Bobby not going in till 1 on Friday and Saturday that is allowing me to go 6 days a week now!

I also have my Walk away the pounds video that I can do at home and sometimes I will do that if I can't get to  Fitness Lady and sometimes I do it in the evening if I went to Fitness Lady in the morning.  I hope to evenutally do more and more of the WATP workouts in additon to more and more at Fitness Lady.  Not really sure how to do this page to share what all I am doing but maybe I will come up with ways.  I have a list going on the side of the blog with what I do each day but that may get hard to keep up on the side, not sure , I may move it here evenutally.